Support Opportunities

Kappa Sigma is founded on the notion that life is a journey — and, importantly, that each individual Kappa Sigma’s journey is enhanced because older Brothers are there to lead those who follow their steps. Lambda-Lambda Chapter has a long and distinguished history of alumni reaching back and reaching out to ensure that those who follow have access to a comparable fellowship experience ‘throughout life’.

If you are exploring this site, then clearly you care about your Kappa Sigma affiliation and your role as a member of the Lambda-Lambda Chapter. Please do what you can to perpetuate this ‘good thing’ at Elon University.


Support Our Chapter

Lambda-Lambda Chapter thrives on input provided by its initiated elders. Our fraternity now spans two generations, and our college-age Kappa Sigmas benefit from access to perspectives  of every era of our brotherhood. When your travels take you to Alamance County, please pay a visit to the fraternity house. Attend a weekly chapter meeting, support a chapter initiative, etc. If distance does not allow your local presence, then write a supportive message to the undergrads so they know they have older brothers rooting them on. Let Elon University know how much you care about perpetuating Kappa Sigma at Elon by providing appropriate input to the institution’s officials.

Volunteer Your Time

We are blessed to have several men willing to make significant sacrifices to serve as our chapter’s Alumni Advisors. They are at the front line donating a lot of personal time and effort to watch over our chapter, and they really need our support. Even if you live far from the Elon University campus, and regardless of your initiation number, you can play an important role in the alumni support structure. You have the opportunity to support our undergraduate chapter directly, and you can support the efforts being made via your Alumni Association. Even what may seem to you to be an insignificant donation of time or effort adds that much more to our collective effort, so never hesitate to offer your support in whatever way you can.

Support Our Initiatives

To address all interests, our leaders must represent every era of Lambda-Lambda initiate. Every person whose name appears on our ‘Leadership Team’ listing is merely an alum who has chosen to make a volunteer contribution. We desperately need to expand the pool of alums who are willing to shoulder the considerable workload for this worthy effort. Remember: ‘all our strength is in our union…’. We need more input, we need more brothers to take on new responsibilities, and 

Provide Financial Resources

We need more brothers to provide the financial resources that enable our collective success. Annual dues help the association continue to support the alumni and keep our organization active, engaged, and making a difference.  The Kappa Sigma Scholarship Fund is a living legacy that benefits eligible undergraduates to help defray the cost of their education.  Additional generous contributions help us provide important services and annual activities such as homecoming. We encourage you to consider offering financial support to the Association. Any amount is very helpful and will be carefully invested in Association services.