Alumnus of the Year Award

At Elon University’s Homecoming each year, the Association shall present this award to a deserving alumnus who has best advanced the interests of the Association and Lambda-Lambda Chapter. The recipient shall receive an individual plaque with a permanent plaque to be maintained at the Lambda-Lambda Chapter House and available for display at the Association meetings. 

Mark R. Novey

2018 Award Winner

     Mark R. Novey of Richmond, VA has been named the recipient of the Lambda-Lambda Alumni Association (LLAA) Alumnus of the Year Award for 2018. Mark is a 1989 graduate of Elon University and the 248th initiate of the Kappa Sigma chapter at Elon.

     Mark has served with distinction as the Grand Scribe of LLAA since 2014. The Grand Scribe is a key position in our organization and Mark has taken it to a new level. Mark updated our newsletter to an interesting and newsworthy format that clearly conveys the content alumni want and need to know. He organizes the monthly LLAA leadership team conference calls with clear agendas and advance notice so business gets taken care of promptly and efficiently, working closely with the LLAA GM. 

     Mark helped to initiate and provide orientation to our part-time administrator; this position will help LLAA continue its mission for years to come to relieve the burden on volunteers’ time and efforts for routine but important LLAA tasks. Mark also works with other LLAA officers and brothers to keep our social media platforms current and interesting.

     Mark has completed a masterful update of our website It is beautifully designed and comprehensive. This was a huge investment of time and energy and it will pay off for years to come. It is a visual representation of our 45 year history and a wonderful resource for all brothers. 

     “Our primary goal is for the website to be a robust and easily accessible resource for our brotherhood. We built the site to help reconnect and foster open communication between all of our brothers. It serves as a bridge between generations, a vehicle to assist our members in becoming more actively engaged in LLAA, and affords us a great platform to display and preserve our rich history. I think we’re well on our way to hitting those objectives,” stated Mark.  

     Mark lives in Richmond, VA. When he is not engaged in LLAA activities, Mark works in technology management at Capital One. There his focus includes legacy infrastructure, application modernization, cloud adoption, and accelerated technology change.

     Mark spends his most valued time with his 17 year old son Brent.  Mark and his “best buddy” enjoy sports, music, and theater. They are also involved in several Richmond area organizations and can often be found volunteering together for important causes. 

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How to submit an Alumnus 
of the Year Nomination:

You can recommend a worthy candidate to the Board of Advisors’ Committee by September 22, 2019 
by sending an email to with the 
brother’s name and comments on why they should be selected.

Alumnus of the Year Selection Process

Process to select Alumnus of the Year; Revised March, 2013

  1. On or before August 5 each year, the Chairman of the Board of Advisors (BoA) shall convene the BoA, and previous Alumnus of the Year recipients, to begin the process of selecting the current year recipient of the Alumnus of the Year award.
  2. On or before August 10, the BoA shall designate an Advisor to coordinate with the GS to send an email to Kappa Sigma National, the Alumni Association Board and Listserve, and previous recipients to ask for nominations, and post on the home page of the web site, and our KappaSigmaElon Facebook page, to ask for nominations by August 24, with nominations to be sent to any Advisor.
  3.  The BoA will review and discuss the nominations during late August and early September via email, conference calls and other methods determined by the Chairman.
  4. The BoA shall present a nomination, or if consensus cannot be reached, a slate of nominations, to the EC/Board of Directors at the September Alumni Association meeting (1st Saturday after Labor Day). The nominee will be selected by vote by the board at that time. An email message with this information will be sent to the Board’s Yahoo group list within three business days.
  5. Within one week after the Board vote, the Chair of the BoA Scholarship committee, or other Advisor to be determined by the BoA, will order the plaque for the individual and the plate for the permanent plaque to be given to the GS of the chapter to affix to the permanent plaque, on or before Homecoming.
  6. The BoA shall strive to ensure that the current year recipient attends homecoming to receive the award in person.
  7. The award, and plaque, shall be presented to the recipient during the annual meeting by the GM of the alumni association during homecoming weekend.This process, upon approval by the board, shall be posted on the Web site page
  8. The Alumni Association GS shall notify the Webmaster to update the web site with the current recipients name, within one week after Homecoming.
  9. The Alumni Association GS or his designate shall notify the following organizations within one week after Homecoming via a press release or other document: Kappa Sigma National, Elon University Alumni Department, Kappa Sigma Elon Facebook page, Kappa Sigma Elon LinkedIn page