Alumnus of the Year Award

At Elon University’s Homecoming each year, the Association shall present this award to a deserving alumnus who has best advanced the interests of the Association and Lambda-Lambda Chapter. The recipient shall receive an individual plaque with a permanent plaque to be maintained at the Lambda-Lambda Chapter House and available for display at the Association meetings. 

Richard Beck

2021 Award Winner

The Lambda-Lambda Alumni Association of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity announced today that Richard Beck of Nashville, Tennessee has been named the recipient of the Alumnus of the Year Award for 2021. Richard is a 1972 graduate of Elon University, a founding father of Lambda-Lambda, and the 8th initiate of the Kappa Sigma chapter at Elon.

Following graduation from Elon in 1972, Richard followed in his father’s footsteps and became the youngest advertising sales rep for L.M Berry Co, The Yellow Page Advertising Agency for most national AT&T/Bell operating telephone companies. After his 18 year tenure there, which included relocation to Nashville, Richard went to work for Athlon Sports Communications in 1992 as a national advertising/marketing sales manager for the Southwest & West Coast. The company offered integrated sports marketing packages to Fortune 500 companies that included national media in 16 national newsstand preseason sports publications, along with onsite hospitality, athlete engagement appearances/meet & greets, and main event tickets. In 1997, he launched a new sports collectibles division as a Division President, Stockholder and VP International Media Sales, enjoying long term client relationships with companies like Southwest Airlines, Dr. Pepper, E.A. Sports, Mazda, Fan Duel, and Draft Kings Fantasy Sports.

Richard opened three Athlon Sports Collectibles retail stores in the late 1990’s when Nashville welcomed the Tennessee Titans and Nashville Predators to the sports scene. During the course of his 25 years, he became a partner and helped build the Athlon Media Group and Parade Magazine acquisition from $8M to over $130M in annual revenue.

In 2016, as the corporate strategy shifted away from sports, Richard traded his stock ownership in all of the magazine publications and acquired, via an asset purchase and licensing agreement, the collectibles division and full inventory. He then downsized from 30K square feet to 5K square feet and continued with his long term passion, in a much lower key environment, via multiple website sales, regional charity events/silent auctions/player appearances, national wholesale and sports media consulting. Richard established the single member/owner RDB Holdings & Consulting, LLC, d.b.a. Athlon Sports Collectibles. Richard has now expanded from sports to include military, historical, presidential, celebrity, music, etc., offering over 9,000 hand signed authenticated items.

Richard enjoys international travel and seasonally works from his Gulf Coast beach condo. He is a strong man of faith and has enjoyed expanding his music interest in his beloved city of Nashville for almost 50 years. He still cherishes and sees his Sigma Mu/Kappa Sig roommates and other brothers annually and strongly feels those brotherly fraternity relationships are equally important to being blessed with building successful businesses in his career. He remains on the path to figuring out the next chapter in his life and the appropriate retirement plan, and looks forward to attending Elon Homecoming 202

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Alumnus of the Year Selection Process

Standard Process to select Alumnus of the Year; Revised March, 2013

  1. On or before August 25 of each year, the Chairman of the Board of Advisors (BoA) shall convene the BoA, and previous Alumnus of the Year recipients, to begin the process of selecting the current year recipient of the Alumnus of the Year award.
  2. On or before September 1, the BoA shall designate an Advisor to coordinate with the GS to send an email to Kappa Sigma National, the Alumni Association Board and Listserve, and previous recipients to ask for nominations, and post on the home page of the web site, and our KappaSigmaElon Facebook page, to ask for nominations by October 15, with nominations to be sent to any Advisor.
  3.  The BoA will review and discuss the nominations during October via email, conference calls and other methods determined by the Chairman.
  4. The BoA shall present a nomination, or if consensus cannot be reached, a slate of nominations, to the EC/Board of Directors at the October Alumni Association meeting. The nominee will be selected by vote by the board at that time. An email message with this information will be sent to the Board’s group list within three business days.
  5. Within one week after the Board vote, the Chair of the BoA Scholarship committee, or other Advisor to be determined by the BoA, will order the plaque for the individual and the plate for the permanent plaque to be given to the GS of the chapter to affix to the permanent plaque, on or before Homecoming.
  6. The BoA shall strive to ensure that the current year recipient attends homecoming to receive the award in person.
  7. The award, and plaque, shall be presented to the recipient during the annual meeting by the GM of the alumni association during homecoming weekend.This process, upon approval by the board, shall be posted on the Web site page
  8. The Alumni Association GS shall notify the Webmaster to update the web site with the current recipients name, within one week after Homecoming.
  9. The Alumni Association GS or his designate shall notify the following organizations within one week after Homecoming via a press release or other document: Kappa Sigma National, Elon University Alumni Department, Kappa Sigma Elon Facebook page, Kappa Sigma Elon LinkedIn page