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Focus Statement

The William E. Gortney Distinguished Alumnus Award is presented annually to alumni in good standing of the Lambda-Lambda chapter. The Award shall recognize Brothers who bring great honor to Kappa Sigma Fraternity, whether it is through service to his community, outstanding career work, or other achievements.


Eligibility and Application Procedure

The individuals selected to receive the Award shall have accomplished some significant achievement(s), as evidenced by recognition outside of the Fraternity. Any individual may submit a nomination for this Award using the application form posted on www.kappasigmelon.org. All alumni board officers, alumni, and undergraduates are particularly encouraged to submit Kappa Sigma Brothers as nominees. Nominations for Advisors or Directors of the Kappa Sigma Elon Alumni Association are not accepted.


Judging Procedure

Selected by the Kappa Sigma Elon Board of Directors. Selection to be made and announced after the September AA board meeting each year in order to have plaques available by ELON University’s Homecoming Celebrations.


Form and Number of Awards

No set amount. Kappa Sigma Elon Alumni Association Board of Directors would like to approve not less than one recipient per year.


Process to select Distinguished Alumnus Award:

1. On or before August 5 each year, the Chairman of the Board of Advisors (BoA) shall convene the BoA, and previous Distinguished Alumnus Award recipients, to begin the process of selecting the current year recipient of the Distinguished Alumnus Award award.

2. On or before August 10, the BoA shall designate an Advisor to coordinate with the GS to send an email to the Elon Director of Alumni Relations, Kappa Sigma National, the Alumni Association Yahoo Groups ListServe, BoA members and previous recipients to ask for nominations, and post on the home page of the kappasigmaelon.org web site, and our KappaSigmaElon Facebook page, to ask for nominations by August 24, with nomination applications to be sent via email to kappasigmaelon@gmail.com or any Advisor, or mailed to Kappa Sigma Elon Alumni Association, Attention GS, PO Box 5, Elon, NC 27244.

3. The BoA will review and discuss the nominations during late August and early September via email, conference calls and other methods determined by the Chairman.

4. The BoA shall present a nomination, or if consensus cannot be reached, a slate of nominations, to the EC/Board of Directors at the September Alumni Association meeting (1st Saturday after Labor Day). The nominee will be selected by vote by the board at that time. An email message with this information will be sent to the Board’s Yahoo group list within three business days.

5. Within one week after the Board vote, the Chair of the BoA Scholarship committee, or other Advisor to be determined by the BoA, will order the plaque for the individual to be sent to the AA GM and the plate for the permanent plaque to be given to the GS of the chapter to affix to the permanent plaque, on or before Homecoming.

6. The BoA shall strive to ensure that the current year recipient attends homecoming to receive the award in person.

7. The award, and plaque, shall be presented to the recipient during the annual meeting by the GM of the alumni association during homecoming weekend.

8. This process and the application form, upon approval by the board, shall be posted on the Web site page http://www.kappasigmaelon.org/williamegortneyaward/

9. The Alumni Association GS shall notify the Webmaster to update the web site with the current recipients name, by October 15.

10. The Alumni Association GS or his designate shall notify the following organizations by October 15 via a press release or other document:

- Kappa Sigma National

- Elon University Alumni Department

- Kappa Sigma Elon Facebook page         - Kappa Sigma Elon LinkedIn page

William E. Gortney Distinguished Alumnus Award

Nomination Application


Nominators Information:


Name:        Contact Phone #:          


Contact email:                


Relationship to Nominee:_____________________________________________________




Nominees Information:


Name:                Lambda-Lambda # (if known):          



Current Residence:        City:         

State:                        If selected as an award recipient, how should his name read on the plaque:



Tell us about the nominee (If desired, attach a resume, newspaper article, written article, etc.):

Career Achievements:         








Honors and Awards:







Miscellaneous Information:








Send application by August 24th to any of the following:

Kappa Sigma Elon Alumni Association

c/o Gortney Nomination

PO Box 5

Elon, NC 27244


email: kappasigmaelon@gmail.com