LLAA Listserv

From time to time, we distribute information of interest to those alumni who are subscribed to our group's listserv hosted by Yahoo!. Subscribers to the group list receive periodic Emails with news about fellow alumni and the undergraduate chapter.

Spam is not an issue with this listserv, for its content and the messages distributed to the group members are moderated. So, only officially sanctioned messages get distributed.

The group's membership is restricted; however, any qualified alumnus of the Lambda-Lambda Chapter may file for access approval. To be included in the group distribution list, send your Email request to

Subscribe to Lambda-Lambda Alumni Listserv

Once your status as an alumnus of our chapter is validated, we will add your Email address to our group list; thereafter, you will receive any messages that are distributed.

Lambda-Lambda alumni also have access to the content on our Yahoo! group site. Access to site content requires a properly registered Yahoo! ID. Once you have been subscribed, take this link to access the content:

Go to Lambda-Lambda Alumni Listserv Home Page

When you arrive there, click the blue ‘Join this Group’ button, and log in with your Yahoo! ID.

(If you do not have a Yahoo! ID, click the 'Sign Up' link under “Don’t Have a Yahoo! ID?” and follow the steps; then, link your Yahoo! ID to the 'ElonLLalumni' group.)