Honor Roll of Donors

Alumni donations (annual member dues and financial gifts) enable Lambda-Lambda Alumni Association to serve our brotherhood. Here we recognize the loyalty and generosity of Brothers who have made financial gifts of at least $25 to the Order during this fiscal year.

An alumnus becomes a full voting Member of the Lambda-Lambda Alumni Association through his annual gift of $25 or more. Likewise, every active undergraduate chapter member is responsible for posting $15 dues each semester. The chapter's GT files all undergraduates' payments in one lump sum with the LLAA GT.


This listing includes Member dues and donation payments received and accounted for by the Grand Treasurer of Lambda-Lambda Alumni Association for the current fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).

Membership Dues and Donations for Fiscal Year 2013-2014

(Reflects payments received through November 26, 2013)

$25-$49 -- Barry Baker, Perry Black, Greg Blackburn, Gary Evans, Chris Eydt, Adam Gilmore, Jonathan Isley, Jack Locicero, Joseph Saladino, King White, Jay Dixson, David Joyner, John Liscio, Jay Dodson, Jim Woolford, Tommy Balkus, Myron Talbert, Jason Bryant, Bobby Tucker, Carter Smith, Rick Crittenden, John Dixon, David Joyner, John Liscio, Mark Smith, Mosby Lawrence, Fill Stidham, Matt Long, Ranky Brooks, John Soderberg, John Walker, Matt Long.

$50-$99 -- Gus Payne, Gene Walker, Steve Leach, Keith Scott, Gene Walker, Dan Worrell, Graham Rountree, Bryant Kirkland, Thomas Hall, Frank Grove, Stephen Core, Tom Summers, Fisher Caudle, William MacFarland, Robert Duval, James Brannock, James Butler, Scott McQueen, Wade Brown, Les Waldrup, Jimmy Simmons, Bryant Kirkland, Thomas Hall, Mike Allen .

$100-$499 -- Greg Blackburn, John Gulliford, Jeff Russell, Scott Camp, Zene Fearing, Jimmy Zint, Dean White, Art Dornik, Doug McGowan, John Washington, Bill Zint, James Royer, Douglas Faithfull, Bernard Carr, Patricia Allen, Ryan Bassett, Norman Downey, Paul Patterson, David Crafton, Joel Smith, Tony Lewis, Tait Arend, Stewart Gordon.

$500-$999 -- Mike Bordone, Don Covington, Melvin Davis, Bill Gortney

$1000- -- Neil Lindley, Les Hall

Additionally, the undergraduate chapter stands current with its LLAA dues obligation for Fall Semester 2013.