Bylaws Vote Results

Results of the Membership Vote Regarding
The Lambda-Lambda Alumni Association Bylaws

From November 20 through December 10, 2007, the Members of the Lambda-Lambda Alumni Association conducted a vote to consider a Bylaws to govern the organization.

14 Members posted a vote. Here are the results:

'Endorse' -- 14 Votes

'Oppose' -- 0 Votes

Voting to endorse the Bylaws were the following Members:
Gus Payne, King White, Gary Evans, Bryan Crook, Les Hall, Perry Black, Jim Woolford, Barry Baker, Zene Fearing, Jay Dodson, Jack Locicero, Marvin Purvis, Robin Lupinacci, John Fitchett.

A majority of eligible Members has voted in the affirmative. Therefore, effective this day, this Bylaws document of the Lambda-Lambda Alumni Association is hereby ratified.

I certify this Bylaws to duly reflect the governing rules of this organization.


Respectfully submitted,


Zene Fearing #62, Grand Scribe
Lambda-Lambda Alumni Association
December 10, 2007